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2012 June | www.friendzconnect.com

Android Jelly Bean & Google Nexus tablet

Google has finally unveiled the Nexus 7, its first shot at a Google branded flagship Android tablet. Rumors of the tablet had been circulating since a week, and most of them were spot on. The Nexus tablet will certain make a big splash in the tablet arena. Its specs and price will appeal to buyers […]

Watch video streams from popular online services using Tunlr

We have shared tricks to bypass country restrictions and access streaming video services outside USA, but here is something way easier and FASTER to access all those streaming video/audio services from outside USA. tunlr – would be without a doubt the most easiest, smartest and fastest service to bypass geographic content restrictions out there. The […]

The easy and free local DNS security solution from OpenDNS

Various DNS manipulation malware’s have already shown the urgent need for an secure, verifiable global DNS system. And DNSSEC (Secure DNS) is the standard solution to the problem. Complimenting DNSSEC, the popular public-dns service provider OpenDNS has came up with an client side DNS security utility for both Windows and Mac named – “DNSCrypt“. Aimed […]

The sophisticated science behind why Youtube views freeze on 301 ?

If you are a YouTube publisher or a frequent user, you must have noticed a lot of videos stuck at “301” view count, ever wondered what’s the mystery behind this ? This video shows you the insider secret of this 301 views mystery.  

Dropbox for iOS with a new way to earn free storage

The  Dropbox iPhone App has been updated to support automatic photo uploads and gallery view. After upgrading to new version, the app will prompt user for permission to automatically upload phone’s camera roll (images and movies) to their Dropbox account. To promote usage of this feature, users are also offered an reward of up to 3GB of […]

How to activate Caps Lock on Apple iOS – without use SHIFT key

There was a time when revolutionary Apple iPhone lacked the very basic text manipulation functionality like copy/paste and we have to use hacks to get the feature. Slowly and steadily the Apple iOS mobile operating system has now matured a lot and offers a decent set of functionality to perform text manipulation. If you make […]

Samsung To Launch Facebook’s Clone

Samsung is trying really hard to expand its presence in different industries. Its latest ploy is to jump on the social network bandwagon and come up with a Facebook like service sometime next year reports Korea Times. Though it sounds like a really bad idea since we already have enough social networks dominating a better […]

Nokia Is Going Down – cut of 10,000 jobs

It’s official, Nokia is going down. The one time telecom giant, who had its reputed products spread over 50 countries, has announced a cut of 10,000 jobs, and a shutdown of 3 facilities, by the end of 2013. The Finnish Telecom Manufacturers three senior executives will also be departing from the company. The closing facilities […]

Free utility to control annoying auto-updaters for various popular software – Update Freezer

While updates to software installed on your computer does not only provide new features and bug-fixes, but also are critical for computer security. It is therefore always advised to have your operating-system and computer software up-to-date. However, at times some auto-updating software’s get annoying like the Adobe Updater which needs to be blocked, a user […]

How To Upgrade To iOS 6

Apple’s latest iOS 6 upgrade has bought Siri, the popular Voice-Assistant to the iPhone 4S and the new iPad. However there’s a teeny-tiny clause attached to it which has left some Apple fans sulking. Siri will not be available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the original iPad, and the iPad 2 without 3G capabilities. Nor […]

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