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Google | www.friendzconnect.com - Part 2

Google Project Glass – Google Wins Patent for “wearable display device”

Google was awarded design patents on Tuesday for its Project Glass browser glasses. Project Glass is the company’s first venture into wearable computing. The patents for “wearable display device frame” were filed in October. They are claims for the design of the glasses now in use by some Google employees. Two of the patents, which […]

Nevada gives Google license to drive self-driving cars

Imagine flying into Las Vegas and renting a self-driving car that zips you around the Strip and anywhere else you want to go? That fantasy may not be so far off. Nevada just issued the first autonomous vehicle testing license in the U.S. to Google. The state’s Department of Motor Vehicles announced Monday that the […]

Facebook Unsocial Reader – Free Google Chrome Extension To Bypass App Install Link

Facebook Apps are definitely a great utility but some of them really get on your nerves, one such Facebook application is “Social Reader”. Every time you click on an article link associated with this app to read the article, you are required to grant this app possible privacy invasive permissions to proceed with access to […]

Google Overtakes Facebook For Employee Satisfaction

Glassdoor has taken a look at how Google and Facebook compare in the eyes of employees and job candidates, and has extracted a number of interesting data points related to CEO approval, benefits, perks and more. For background, Glassdoor is a jobs and career community where employees can anonymously rate companies and CEOs. What is […]

Use Ubuntu on your Android mobile device – Free Ubuntu Installer

Want to enjoy the popular desktop Linux OS Ubuntu on your Android powered mobile device, it can’t get easier than this – the free “Ubuntu Installer” app from Android Market. The application allows users to install and run “Ubuntu” inside Android – The market application installs an customized Ubuntu 10.10 image optimized for the ARM processor allowing users to run a full […]

Google Collected 4.5 Million Anti-SOPA Signatures

Google generally gets in hot water when it is thought to be abusing its pole position in the search industry. But it’s no use denying that while some moves skirt the edges of abusing monopoly, others are more than welcome. During natural disasters, for instance, Google has provided helpful links and resources for people who […]

Google and Twitter at War

Google’s decision to roll out its “Search Plus Your World” on Tuesday, was met with outspoken disappointment from Twitter. The search engine giant, in an attempt to put Google Plus in the face of continued competition with Facebook, as reported by BBC, has made three essential changes to the way its search now works. The […]

Will Chrome(Google ) Overtake IE ( Internet Explorer ) in 2012?

It was always assumed that Mozilla’s Firefox browser would one day overtake Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in the global browser market, ending IE’s reign that began when the Redmond software giant buried Netscape Navigator years ago. But as it turns out, Google Chrome might have a better shot of overtaking IE, and at the rate things […]

The Google +1 Is More Popular For Retailers Than The Facebook Like Button

Google’s +1 buttons appear on more retail websites than Facebook share buttons or Twitter buttons according to an analysis by Darren Herman, chief digital officer at The Media Kitchen, a media planning and buying firm. The finding is both surprising and logical. It’s surprising because Google’s +1 buttons are relatively new. It’s logical because any […]

Google to pay Mozilla $300M yearly in new search deal, says report

Google promised to pay Mozilla almost $300 million annually to keep its search engine as the default in Firefox, according to a report today on AllThingsD, a blog operated by the publisher of the Wall Street Journal. Google and Mozilla jointly announced Tuesday that they had struck a new deal to keep Google as Firefox’s default search […]

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