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Google’s Possible “+1″ iPhone App, Facebook Similarities, And Social “Loop” Groups | www.friendzconnect.com

Google’s Possible “+1″ iPhone App, Facebook Similarities, And Social “Loop” Groups

Since we broke the news a couple days ago that Google’s secret social project, formerly known as “Emerald Sea“, is now being called “Google +1″, we’ve gotten more confirmation about the naming. This includes people more confident that this could well be the name Google ends up going with. We’ve also heard a couple other new interesting tidbits about the project.

The first is that Google may be testing an iPhone app for +1, which would presumably launch alongside the web variation of the service. One source reports seeing a Google employee’s iPhone with an app called “Loop” on it. This was apparently Google’s social project in native app form. The source says that it looked similar to Facebook and had large portions that were still in development.

This is particularly interesting because we have heard that early iterations of Google +1 itself were much more similar to Facebook. But that version was supposedly scrapped in favor of a more all-web-encompassing toolbar approach (at least as it currently stands). So it’s possible that the app is a bit old, or that Google is thinking a bit differently about the social product on mobile devices.


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  1. John says:

    I hate to say it, but I’m tired of the “we learned this about something someones doing that wont be released for quite some time” articles. They’re interesting to a degree, but really I just want to know when I can expect a launch. No one likes Facebook except our Grandmothers. We all want a Google social network. Hit me up on Google Voice when it’s up.

  2. “No one wants a Google social network besides geeks, nerds, and early adapters who also believed that Google Wave was the holy grail to the future of communication.”

    I don’t think it’s a matter of want, I’d say it’s a matter of having people use it. If this social layer is as easy to use as the Google Talk widget in Gmail, then we could very possibly start seeing a drop in Facebook users’ avg. time on site.

  3. John says:

    I suppose you haven’t been one of those people upset by the privacy concerns on facebook. And before facebook there was myspace. And after facebook there will be something better. Get off the high horse. We all want something new, that’s integrated into the products we already use on a daily basis – gmail, google’s search, youtube, calendar, docs and maps. I know it must be hard for you to fathom a fully connected experience, but if you take it slow you may be able to let it seep in.

    And for the record, I think it’s great that our Grandmothers are on Facebook. However, they are also the ones who watch the news 8 times a day so they know about the security issues and so they too would like to leave for something that could be both better, and more secure.

  4. I think alot of people are “scared” of the “fully connected experience”.
    People are afraid of everything being hacked at once.
    People feel safe going to different websites with different logins. At least I do.

  5. John says:

    I suppose that I see your point, but I think that once someone tried the “fully connected experience” they would have a hard time saying they didn’t like it. Of course it’s all conjecture until TechCrunch writes an article stating we can go flipping sign up, but I do see your point and for some people I can definitely see where they may not want that.

    I was going to post just that, but then I realized that I think people would be more apt to be on a single service if they understood the security that went on in the background for them and how they need to play an active role in said security. I’ve visited several websites this past week that not required the use of special characters in my password – which is flipping great because I already use a minimum of 3 for most passwords. But that’s the problem is that not everyone takes their personal security seriously and so instead they rely on someone else to do it for them. Do hashed passwords help? Hell yeah! But strong passwords help too and I think users need to be more conscious of what they’re typing in as a password – my brother in law thinks words like dudesicle and soccerball are good passwords.

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