India is Now Facebook Nation No. 2; Indonesia No Longer World’s Second Largest Facebook Nation

According to new statistics from, the hierarchy of the world’s top Facebook nations has just experienced a shift near the top. While the US remains by far the top Facebook nation with 152 million users, India has just surpassed Indonesia for the number two position.

India now has about 43.5 million users, while Indonesia has about 43.1 million (see chart below). Of course if we look at Facebook’s penetration rate in the top nations, we can still see that the popular social network is still just scratching the surface in India, as it just has 3.7 percent penetration, which pales in comparison to the other top nation. Indonesia in comparison has a Facebook penetration rate of 17.7 percent.

So while the Chinese market remains blocked for Zuckerberg & Co, the sky is the limit for the company in India with all kinda of room to grow over the next few years.

facebook-countriesData from social bakers, January 31, 2012

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