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Facebook announces Fb App Center

Facebook said it is opening an App Center for mini-programmes that plug offerings such as Pinterest or Draw Something into the leading social network. The App Center will feature programmes geared for Web browsers as well as those for Apple and Android smartphones or tablet computers as part of a Facebook strategy to connect with […]

India is Now Facebook Nation No. 2; Indonesia No Longer World’s Second Largest Facebook Nation

According to new statistics from SocialBakers.com, the hierarchy of the world’s top Facebook nations has just experienced a shift near the top. While the US remains by far the top Facebook nation with 152 million users, India has just surpassed Indonesia for the number two position. India now has about 43.5 million users, while Indonesia […]

4 Facebook Employees Built A Working Demo Of Facebook Timeline In One Night

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Timeline was. What now allows hundreds of millions to tell the story of their lives started as an all-night Hackathon project in 2010. 2 brave Facebook engineers, an intern, and a designer cobbled together a working prototype that a year later would become Facebook’s flashiest redesign. A Note published […]

To avoid usage of Facebook at work – use IE6

Microsoft Australia’s chief security advisor, Stuart Strathdee said that Internet Explorer 6 is being used by many companies. This according to the security expert is explained as an old technology that is not compatible enough to render advanced websites like Facebook and other social networking websites, making IE6 a popular choice for companies who can […]

The Google +1 Is More Popular For Retailers Than The Facebook Like Button

Google’s +1 buttons appear on more retail websites than Facebook share buttons or Twitter buttons according to an analysis by Darren Herman, chief digital officer at The Media Kitchen, a media planning and buying firm. The finding is both surprising and logical. It’s surprising because Google’s +1 buttons are relatively new. It’s logical because any […]

Facebook has finally rolled out its new Timeline for all users worldwide

Facebook has finally rolled out its new Timeline for all users worldwide. The dramatic redesign of Facebook users’ profile pages was first unveiled on September 22. Facebook is giving users a seven-day review period to test and populate their Timelines. Users can also choose to publish their Timeline at any time during the review period. […]

Should India ban Facebook?

The past few days have seen a lot of action on and off Facebook. A Kashmiri lad was arrested for creating an “anti-national” group on the social networking site. This was followed by a FIR being lodged by an IPS Officer against Facebook and the creators of the “I Hate Gandhi” group on Facebook. Cut to present, […]

FIR filed against Facebook for ‘I Hate Gandhi’ group

FIR has been lodged against Facebook and others in ‘I hate Gandhi’ group. Complaint has been filed by Amitabh Thakur, an IPS officer. The FIR says, that Facebook is a social networking site which is accessible to people globally. A criminal case crime No 72/2011 under section 153, 153 A(1)(a), 153 A(1)(b), 153 A(1)(c), 153-B, […]

Following Complaints, Facebook Puts Address And Number Sharing On Hold

Just before the weekend, Facebook announced that it had expanded the information users are able to share with external websites and applications, to include home addresses and mobile phone numbers. This enables developers of e.g. an ecommerce site to more easily fetch the address and phone number of a potential customer to streamline the checkout […]

More Evidence That Facebook Is Nearing 600 Million Users

Recently, there have been a lot of questions as to whether Facebook has crossed the 600 million user mark. Goldman Sachs is reportedly telling potential Facebook investors that the social network currently has 600 million monthly active users. But Facebook statistics portal Socialbakers (formerly known as Facebakers until Facebook strongly urged the startup to change […]

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