Linux India (ILUG) user-meet at Kochi on 23rd October

linux India

Linux India, a non profitable organization dedicated to promote GNU/Linux in India is organizing a ILUG (Indian Linux User Group) user-meet in Cochin. This event intend to educate people about GNU and Linux so that people starts using Linux/GNU by making it accessible to all by providing the initial assistance necessary to get started. ILUG [...]

Linux Could be Kicked-Out of Windows 8 PCs


Being advanced has its own pros and cons. And for the next generation of Windows 8 PCs, it’s going to be something very different. Following the news that the next generation of Windows 8 PCs will be equipped with a completely new booting specification known as UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, we were able [...]

How to use multiple Dropbox accounts simultaneously in Linux


Dropbox is a very popular multiplatform file-sync service. It offers 2 GB of free online storage, which you could extend upto 8 GB by successfully inviting friends to use the service (250 MB of additional space per successful invite). Dropbox syncs the files in a particular folder that you specify with your online storage. But [...]

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